Bringing our passion and boundless energy to your business.

Starting up

Starting up Animation - Kith + Kin

It's your business and your vision, and we can help you bring it to life through design thinking, brand strategy, visual identity and product design. We have experience both locally and internationally and know what it takes to build a successful foundation for any start-up.

Building on success

Building Animation - Kith + Kin

We help all kinds of businesses build on their early success or their countless years of heritage. We become partners with you, learning about as much of your business as we can. We are fast and agile workers, with boundless energy. Therefore, we can help take your brand or product to the next level, but in a way that is meaningful, relevant, and helpful in driving sales and customer loyalty. 


Evolution Animation - Kith + Kin

We are not scared to ask the tough questions and to put you under the spot light. To find what really is at the core of your business. We can help you define where you are now and where you want to be. We are here to help you adapt and reshape your business to the current client and customer needs. 

Our Services

  • Brand.

    Brand is your vision and promise to the customer brought to life. We think of it as the way your service is visualised. When we build a brand we build in the power for it to change, to build and to evolve. 

    We work in such a way that gives you the building blocks for any successful brand: your mark, logotype, typography, colour palette, iconography, illustration style, motion principle, photography treatment and tone of voice. 

    We can supply you with these building blocks and help you to piece them together, but the real brand is your promise to your customers and keeping that promise - always. 

  • Websites.

    Websites are a standard for most businesses - there are many services to build your own. But what we offer is a bespoke service focussed on learning about your business and your goals and designing customer journeys and a website focused around that goal. It could be to increase leads, get your latest project work noticed or increase how much the phone rings. 

    A website is never 'done'. Improvements can always be made and your goals will change. So we will partner with you to monitor your website and suggest improvements as we learn more about your business, your users and your audience. 

    We don’t offer SEO / PPC but we do partner with agencies that do and we would only recommend you the very best and those who meet the same standards we hold ourselves to. 

  • Shopify eCommerce.

    We love designing eCommerce shops, and it has become a bit of a passion of ours. We are a Shopify partner and that is one of the many reasons we only build within it — we have become a bit of a fan of the platform you might say. We don’t deal with other eCommerce platforms as we can’t offer the same level of expertise and knowledge that we can with Shopify.

    We offer a number of different packages. From full custom bespoke shops to our own customisable templated sites, we can offer an eCommerce package suitable for all sizes of business and budgets.

    Along with designing and building your eCommerce shop we will help you market and optimise it using Shopify's incredible built-in tools. 

  • Foundry

    Typographic branding for industrial bass music duo

  • Horkey & Mardle

    Crafting a visual and online personality for a unique grazing table startup

    Horkey & Mardle